List of accepted papers

Paper IDPaper TitleTrack NameStatus
1Emergency Analysis: Multitask Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Fire Emergency Scene ParsingIEAAIE2021Accept
4Comparison of Consolidation Methods for Predictive Learning of Time SeriesIEAAIE2021Accept
6A Novel Approach for Enhancing Vietnamese Sentiment ClassificationIEAAIE2021Accept
7Edge Based Method for Kidney Segmentation in MRI ScansCISM2021Accept
8Estimation method for operational environment complexity by a robotic teamIEAAIE2021Accept
9Intelligent system of mooring planning, based on deep Q-learningIEAAIE2021Accept
12Query by Humming for Song Identification using Voice IsolationIEAAIE2021Accept
14The concept of information graphs as a tool to identify vulnerabilities in the information map of an organisationCISM2021Accept
15A Learning-Automata Based Solution for Non-Equal Partitioning: Partitions with Common GCD SizesIEAAIE2021Accept
16Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on SDA-ELMIEAAIE2021Accept
17Experimental Study on Predictive Modeling in the Gamification Marketing ApplicationIEAAIE2021Accept
18F2DeepRS: A Deep Recommendation Framework Applied to ICRC PlatformsIEAAIE2021Accept
21Building a Knowledge Graph with inference for a production machine using the Web of Things standardKGDE2021Accept
25Explaining Defect Detection with Saliency MapsIEAAIE2021Accept
26Semantic Technologies towards Missing Values ImputationIKEDS2021Accept (short paper)
27A Large-scale Dataset for Hate Speech Detection on Vietnamese Social Media TextsIEAAIE2021Accept
29Configuration model of employee competences in a social media teamCISM2021Accept
30Consistency assessment of datasets in the context of a problem domainIEAAIE2021Accept
32A Novel Rule-based Online Judge Recommender System to Promote Computer Programming EducationSBDA2021Accept
33Fast Mining of Top-k Frequent Balanced Association RulesIEAAIE2021Accept
34An Improved Integer Programming Formulation for Inferring Chemical Compounds with Prescribed Topological StructuresIEAAIE2021Accept
35Utilizing Center-Based Sampling Theory to Enhance Particle Swarm Classification of Textual DataIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
36Evolutionary Optimization of Convolutional Neural Network Architecture Design for Thoracic X-Ray Image ClassificationIEAAIE2021Accept
37Impact Analysis of Proactive and Reactive Inventory Disruption Management on Supply Chain PerformanceIEAAIE2021Accept
38d-BTAI: the dynamic-Binary Tree Based Anomaly Identification Algorithm for Industrial SystemsIEAAIE2021Accept
39Birth-death MCMC approach for multivariate Beta mixture models in medical applicationsIEAAIE2021Accept
41Intelligent Asthma Self-Management System for Personalised Weather-based Healthcare using Machine LearningIEAAIE2021Accept
42Effects of Performance Clustering in User Modelling for Learning Style Knowledge RepresentationIEAAIE2021Accept
43IMAGE-2-AQI: Aware of the Surrounding Air Qualification by a few ImagesIEAAIE2021Accept
44Automatic Classification for Ontology Generation by Pretrained Language ModelSBDA2021Accept
46Extracting Anomaly Work in Intralogistics by Using BLE and LPWAIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
47Deep Learning architecture for topological optimized mechanical design generation with complex shape criterionIEAAIE2021Accept
48Smartphone Sensor-Based Stream Mining for Fall DetectionDSMAA2021Accept
50Using Machine Learning to Predict Salaries of Major League Baseball PlayersIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
51Hierarchical Transformer Encoders for Vietnamese Spelling CorrectionIEAAIE2021Accept
52Deep Forecasting of COVID-19: Canadian Case StudyAIH2021Accept (short paper)
53COVID-19 Genome Analysis using Alignment-Free MethodsAIH2021Accept
54Recent Research on Phishing Detection through Machine Learning AlgorithmIEAAIE2021Accept
56Open-World Knowledge Graph Completion Benchmarks for Knowledge DiscoveryKGDE2021Accept
58Efficient Prediction of Discharge and Water Levels Using Ensemble Learning and Singular-Spectrum Analysis-based DenoisingIEAAIE2021Accept
59A Novel Perspective of Text Classification by Prolog-based Deductive DatabasesIEAAIE2021Accept
60Computational Ontology and BIM Technology in Data-Driven Indoor Route PlanningIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
62Towards Increasing Open Data Adoption through Stream Data Integration and ImputationIEAAIE2021Accept
63Deep Efficient Neural Networks for explainable COVID-19 detection on CXR ImagesAIH2021Accept
64Fast and Memory-efficient TFIDF Calculation for Text Analysis of Large DatasetsIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
65Towards Efficient Discovery of Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Columnar Temporal DatabasesIKEDS2021Accept
67Data-Driven Simulation of Ride-Hailing Services using Imitation and Reinforcement LearningIKEDS2021Accept
68The behavior of the product t-norm in combination with several implications in Fuzzy PID controllerIEAAIE2021Accept
69Discovering Spatial High Utility Itemsets in High-Dimensional Spatiotemporal DatabasesSBDA2021Accept
71Designing a Smart Home Automation System with Power Consumption Monitoring Dashboard and Enhanced SecurityiSeA2021Accept (short paper)
72Collaborative Maintenance of  EDOAL Alignments in VocBenchIEAAIE2021Accept
73Conditional preference networks: refining solution orderings beyond Pareto dominanceIEAAIE2021Accept
74Unsupervised co-training of Bayesian networks for condition predictionIEAAIE2021Accept
75Automated Diagnosis of Cyber-Physical SystemsIEAAIE2021Accept
76DIKG2 : a Semantic Data Integration Approach from Web Form for Knowledge Graphs GenerationKGDE2021Accept (short paper)
77Quick Start And Adaptive New Server MonitorIEAAIE2021Accept
78Collapsed Gibbs Sampling of Beta-Liouville Multinomial for Short text clusteringIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
79Constructive and Toxic Speech Detection for Vietnamese CommentsIEAAIE2021Accept
81Determining 2-Optimality Consensus  for DNA structureCISM2021Accept
83An Efficient Transformer-based Model for Vietnamese Punctuation PredictionIEAAIE2021Accept
84An Ontology-based Resume Searching System for Job Applicants in Information TechnologyiSeA2021Accept
85Hub and Spoke Logistics Network Design for Urban Region with Clustering-Based ApproachIKEDS2021Accept (short paper)
86Map-matching based on HMM for Urban TrafficIKEDS2021Accept
90A CNN-GA-based Stock Trading System for Profit PredicationIEAAIE2021Accept
91A Transaction Classification Model of Federated LearningIKEDS2021Accept
92Improving human emotion recognition from emotive videos using geometric data augmentationIEAAIE2021Accept
93Understanding the Effects of Mitigation on De-identified DataAIH2021Accept
95The Extended Graph Generalization as a Representation of the Metamodels’ Extensional LayerCISM2021Accept
96The Choice of AI Matters: Alternative Machine Learning Approaches for CPS AnomaliesIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
97Pivot Point Based Intelligent System to Associate Creative Textual ArtefactsIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
98Civil Data Mining Using Machine Learning IEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
100Mood Support: A Personalized Intelligent Support Assignment System using an Agent-based Dynamic Configuration ModelAIH2021Accept
101Enhancing Multi-Objective Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search with Surrogate Models and Potential Point-Guided Local SearchesIEAAIE2021Accept
103Combining Siamese Network and Correlation Filter for Complementary Object TrackingIEAAIE2021Accept
105Predicting Psychological Distress from Ecological Factors: A Machine Learning ApproachIEAAIE2021Accept
108Implementation of neural network regression model for faster redshift analysis on cloud-based spark platformSBDA2021Accept
110Improving Relation Extraction via Joint Coding using BiLSTM and DCNNIEAAIE2021Accept
111Machine Learning-based Empirical Investigation For Credit Scoring In Vietnam’s BankingIEAAIE2021Accept
113On the Assessment of Robustness of Telemedicine Applications against Adversarial Machine Learning AttacksIKEDS2021Accept
114WawPart: Workload-Aware Partitioning of Knowledge GraphsIEAAIE2021Accept
115Continuous Build Outcome Prediction: A Small-N Experiment in Settings of a Real Software ProjectCISM2021Accept
116Jaskier: A Supporting Software Tool for Continuous Build Outcome Prediction PracticeCISM2021Accept
117Insightful and Practical Multi-Objective Convolutional Neural Network Architecture Search with Evolutionary AlgorithmsiSeA2021Accept (short paper)
119Analysis of Sentimental Behaviour over Social Data Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsIEAAIE2021Accept
120A 1D-CNN Based Deep Learning for Detecting VSI-DDoS Attacks in IoT ApplicationsIEAAIE2021Accept
121Applying Method of Automatic Classification Tools to Make Effective Organizing of Photos Taken in Childcare FacilitiesIEAAIE2021Accept
123 IPR-SN: Intelligent Packet Routing in Satellite Networks Based on Distributed Deep Reinforcement LearningIEAAIE2021Accept
124A Case-based Reasoning Approach for a Decission Support System in ManufacturingIKEDS2021Accept (short paper)
125Target class supervised sample length and training sample reduction of univariate time seriesSBDA2021Accept
126A Non-immersive Virtual Reality Application for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderIEAAIE2021Accept
127Online Automatic Assessment System for Program Code: Architecture and ExperiencesSBDA2021Accept
128Mental disability detection of children using Handwriting AnalysisIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
129A Possible Worlds Interpretation of Many-Sorted Theory for IRIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
130Method for Automatic Furniture Placement based on Simulated Annealing and Genetic AlgorithmIEAAIE2021Accept
131A Cloud-based Robot Framework for Indoor Object Identification Using Unsupervised Segmentation Technique and Convolution Neural Network (CNN)IEAAIE2021Accept
132Single-Stage Tree-Structure-Based Approach to Determine Fuzzy Average-Utility ItemsetsIKEDS2021Accept (short paper)
133Mining Episode Rules From Event Sequences Under Non-Overlapping FrequencyIKEDS2021Accept
134Study of Hybridized Support Vector Regression Based Flood Susceptibility Mapping for Bangladesh CISM2021Accept
135Land Use/Land Cover Change Analysis Due to Tourism in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh CISM2021Accept
136Distributed Mining of high utility time interval sequential patterns with multiple minimum utility thresholdsIEAAIE2021Accept
138On-demand Knowledge Graphs for Standards-based Power Grid Data ProvisioningKGDE2021Accept (short paper)
139Closed-Form Expressions for Global and Local Interpretation of Tsetlin MachinesIEAAIE2021Accept
140Explainable Reinforcement Learning with the Tsetlin MachineIEAAIE2021Accept
141An Approach to Expressing Metamodels’ Semantics in a Concept SystemCISM2021Accept (short paper)
142A Fusion Approach for Paper Submission Recommendation SystemiSeA2021Accept
143Scalable solution for the anonymization of BigData Spatio-temporal TrajectoriesSBDA2021Accept
144Advances in Sports Video Summarization – A Review based on Cricket videoBDIFA2021Accept
145One-class Classification approach using Feature-shift Prediction subtask for vector dataIEAAIE2021Accept
146A Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making Procedure Based on a Multi-granular Fuzzy Linguistic Approach for Changeable ScenariosIEAAIE2021Accept
147Augmented Audio Data in Improving Speech Emotion Classification TasksIEAAIE2021Accept (short paper)
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